27 Embarrassing Things That Can Happen When Substitute Teaching

Is 60 bucks really worth this???

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7. You forget to read your sub information sheet and send a kid to the office with the attendance.

10. You give the students the wrong assignment.

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Oh, you're done with it? Well, haha, funny story, that was actually just the extra work for people who finish early. Here's your real assignment!

11. You have to get onto a student for using their phone while playing on your phone.

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Why can I have my phone and you can't? Umm...because the law of school says so.

15. You make a joke with references that the kids don't get.

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"Guys, you're making this assignment way harder than it is. I feel like a temple guard watching you try to put together the Shrine of the Silver Monkey...Really? No one? No one got it. Is this what being old feels like? This is definitely what being old feels like."

16. You leave campus to buy lunch and are late coming back.

"I'll just run in Subway real fast, that'll be quick!"

"Oh god, everyone else just ran in Subway...this line is insane."

"FINALLY got my sandwich, do I have time to sit down and eat it?"



26. The secretary thinks you're a student so you have to sit down and wait until she's not busy.

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"Oh, you're the sub aren't you? I thought you were a student, sorry about that!"

27. You finally get home and remember the complimentary travel mug you got from a casino that you brought your hot tea in that morning is still sitting on the desk.

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