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Shameful Instances Of Gendered Advertising In The 21st Century

We still have a long way to go...

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1. The Yorkie Bar

Launched in Britain in 1992, the brand is most famous for its 2002 advertising campaign that strove to “reclaim Yorkie as the chocolate for men.” The then-marketing director Andrew Harrison said the campaign was planned as a deliberate antidote to the "feminine silks and swirls and indulgent images of most confectionery advertising".

The most troubling aspects of this advertising campaign included:

A media stunt, in which 50,000 Yorkie bars were given out for free, to men only.

The chocolate bars were handed out to commuters with their daily copy of the newspaper, the Metro. Female readers who were refused the chocolate by staff were informed, "It's not for girls!". After receiving a number of complaints, the promoters were asked to leave Liverpool city centre and sale of the bars was also prohibited in certain shops in Liverpool and Birmingham.

Television adverts showing women desperately disguising themselves as men, in an attempt to buy the chocolate from a male shopkeeper.

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Here, a woman in a fake beard and builder’s uniform successfully performs stereotypical male tasks and even changes her voice to a lower, more masculine tone. However, she is ultimately refused the chocolate after accidentally revealing her femininity.

This list : (part of a four-paged newspaper advert)

Top Ten Things Women Can't Do:

- Make a decision.

- Watch football without talking.

- Drive in a straight line.

- Use ten words when a hundred will do.

- Open a can unaided.

- Use a urinal.

- Own a pet spider.

- Speak on the phone for less than 15 minutes.

- Understand cricket.

- Buy a Yorkie.

Also included was a list of Top Ten Reasons To Be A Bloke containing similar stereotypes.

3. and Pepsi Max

Virtually the same product, Diet Coke is aimed at groups of giggling ladies ogling topless men, whilst Pepsi Max is targeted exclusively to the male consumer.

In one Pepsi Max advert, a woman was manipulated into surrendering to a man’s advances because she falls for the gag that the world is ending.

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Pepsi Max - Asteroid (End of the World)

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The first, 'Body Paint' features its spokespersons Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels painting a nude model's body with GoDaddy domain names and messages:

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In 'The Cloud' , two men enter a fantasy world in the sky and are greeted by the Pussycat dolls:

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Many of the company's adverts have since been banned due to their offensive and provocative nature. There are numerous campaigns asking users to boycott the site altogether.

Compilation of banned GO Daddy advertisements:

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