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14 Things To Do On Valentine's Day If You're Single AF

Because you don’t need no S.O. to complete you.

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1. Grow your own BF

Get you a BF in two days or less with that Amazon Prime account.
Forum Novelties / Via

Get you a BF in two days or less with that Amazon Prime account.

2. Throw a singles-only party

Sisters / Via

'Cause you know everyone will be DTF.

3. Order in your favorite take-out and binge-watch “This is Us” for a good cry

This is Us / Via

Let those tears out, girl.

4. Treat yourself to a mini spa day / Via

The peel off mask won’t be as painful as a broken heart.

5. Host a wine tasting for you and your favorite galentines / Via

Drink until you can't remember how single you are.

6. Get your cardio on / Via

You don't have to worry about sharing equipment 'cause there is a 99% chance the gym will be empty anyway.

7. Go to your local shelter and foster your favorite animal / Via

Because four legs are better than two.

8. Have a chocolate party for one

Cheezburger / Via

Find the biggest heart-shaped box of chocolate you can find and go in.

9. Have an online shopping spree

Paramount Pictures / Via

Shop 'till ya drop, or at least until your fingers hurt (or your bank account).

10. Blast your favorite jams as loud as you can and have a dance party / Via

Play that old-school playlist and sing as loud as you can until the pain of being single goes away.

11. Go see "50 Shades Freed" / Via

Buy that large buttered popcorn and watch Mr. and Mrs. Grey live their best lives together.

12. Go to Dave and Busters with your BFFs / Via

Grab drinks and half-off games at D&B's and win yourself a couple Tootsie Rolls.

13. Ask that cutie from Tinder out for drinks

funk / Via

Finally ask out that late night match you’ve been day dreaming about.

14. Don’t give any f***s and treat it like any other day! / Via

Because Valentine’s is just another made-up holiday anyway.

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