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I Will Be Seriously Impressed If You Can Figure Out Whether These Are "Star Trek" Compounds Or Skincare Ingredients

Galactomyces is definitely from Star Trek, right? πŸ––

  1. Clavisoa

  2. Pejuta

  3. Galactomyces

  4. Trianoline

  5. Beta-glucan

  6. Peridaxon

  7. Kayolane

  8. Bioactive Glucoside

  9. Parthas

  10. Tretinoin

  11. Makapa

  12. Benzoin

  13. Bakuchiol

  14. Resveratrol

  15. Retinax

  16. Purslane

  17. Oskoid

  18. Centella

  19. Hyronalin

  20. Neuropeptides

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