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The Real 1% Are People Spending $50 On Lunch

That's what 1% of respondents said they typically spend on lunch outings in a new survey from Visa. Generally, most Americans go out to eat once or twice a week spending $10 per trip.

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Lunch! The halftime in the game that is your office work life, the middle sibling of brothers breakfast and dinner, the center stage for sandwiches everywhere.

And an average expenditure of $936 a year for the 70% of Americans who said they go out for lunch, according to a new Visa survey of 1,005 people. (That's an entire 30% who said they just don't, though whether they have flexible views on what counts as breakfast is unclear.)

Americans going out to eat said they typically only do it once or twice a week, which might come as a surprise to urban-dwellers who feel they spend more time than that in lines for chopped-salad restaurants and food trucks. The survey showed that Southerners who go out for lunch spend $20 a week on average, while those in the Northeast spend $17.10. Men tend to shell out $21 a week while women are under the $15 mark.

But enough about the ordinaries. One percent of respondents said they spend more than $50 when they go out to lunch, more in the league of the Nobu and San Pietros of the world, which is far more delicious to consider. Spending that much twice a week lands you in the ballpark of $5,000 a year, which is why we have... corporate cards.

How early is too early to want lunch?

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How early is too early to want lunch?

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