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A Comedian Is Campaigning To Make The Redskins Logo A Sunburned White Guy

Hari Kondabolu suggests the Washington Redskins change their logo to a severely sunburned white person. If they insist on keeping the name, that is.

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Kondabolu told BuzzFeed News that while talking about the absurdity of the Redskins name is "well-trodden comedic territory," the jokes "always involved explaining oppression by comparing it to another oppression."

Hey @Redskins, I think I found a solution. What do you think? Casper is almost 80 years old! #NewRedskinsLogo


Hey @Redskins, I think I found a solution. What do you think? Casper is almost 80 years old! #NewRedskinsLogo

7:25 PM - 19 Oct 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

"I thought it would be interesting to put the joke on white people," he said in an email. "How absurd would it be if the racial group being caricatured this time was a white person?"

Hey @Redskins, here is a more appropriate logo! #NewRedskinsLogo

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Hey @Redskins, here is a more appropriate logo! #NewRedskinsLogo

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"Since logic and human decency have not led to a much-needed name change, I wanted to contribute to the destruction of the Redskins brand through public mockery," Kondabolu said.

The New York-based comic made a video explaining his rationale, in which he asks: "When is pointing out the color of someone's skin a way to honor them? Especially when it's not the color of their actual skin?"

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"I wanted to create a video about the Redskins logo that had a new comedic angle while also involving more people through social media," Kondabolu said about the clip, which features well-known writer and performer Brian McCann. "That's why it's framed as a campaign."

In the video, Kondabolu explains, "You see, it doesn't matter how old your tradition is. If enough people tell you that it's hurting them, maybe you should reevaluate your choices."

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