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    22 Super Troubling Stock Photos Of Plus-Size Women

    Retailers are devoting more resources to serving the plus-size women's market. The stock photos representing this group should catch up.

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    The women's plus-size clothing industry has grown to $17.5 billion in sales as more retailers — especially online ones — cater to the plus market. But the stock images that represent this group of women have a long way to go.

    The stock images below, with their original captions, were among search results for "plus-size." Here, a woman is "fearing unhealthy food."


    Here is "plus-size woman fearing unhealthy food on white background"

    Apparently, it's just as easy to fear healthy food.


    "Plus size woman fearing healthy food on white background"

    She would apparently fly for junk food.


    This is "beautiful brunette plus-size woman flying for junk food isolated."

    And in order to restrain herself, she might require a gag.


    "Gagged beautiful brunette plus-size woman seduced with junk food isolated."

    To reiterate, these photos were provided with the captions below them. "Gagged and scared isolated."


    This one says "beautiful brunette plus-size woman gagged and scared isolated."

    Here's the same model "seduced with hamburger." She is wearing handcuffs.


    This image is titled "beautiful plus-size woman seduced with hamburger isolated."

    Plus-size women spend a lot of time thinking about apples, according to the images.


    Here is "cute plus-size young woman thinking about going on diet."

    Here's another woman sated by an apple.

    VBaleha / Via iStock/360

    This one's titled "woman holding apple and showing okay sign."

    "Plus-size" apparently equates to an apple for lunch.


    Time for diet slimming. This is tagged "woman plus-size large girl with clock scales apple measuring tape - weight loss concept. Isolated on a white background."

    Nobody eats celery like this.


    This is labeled "close up portrait of plus-size teenage girl eating celery over white background."

    Plus-size women have a lot of dilemmas when it comes to what they should eat.

    YunYulia / Via iStock / 360

    See? This is "fat white woman having choice between hamburger and salad."

    And they'd steal the burger from a child, according to this image.

    YunYulia / Via iStock/360

    This photo is titled "teasing fat woman with hamburger."

    They've got to contend with eating lots of new foods. Because you can't possibly be plus-size and eat healthy.

    Nadezhda Bolotina / Via Hemera / 360

    At least according to this stock photo, titled "beginning new life," which surmises that prior to this moment, this woman had never encountered lettuce before.

    Plus-size women would exercise, but they're too busy eating chocolate cake in their workout clothes.

    iStock / 360

    This one's titled "fitness or chocolate cake."

    And dreaming about junk food.

    Gennadiy Poznyakov / Via iStock / 360

    Here is "woman eating hot dog" while she's floating on a sea of other hot dogs and burgers.

    According to stock photos, pregnant women are also considered "plus-size." Both of these images were tagged in the plus-size category.


    The latter was labeled "Doctor listen big stomach pregnant woman."

    Plus-size women are always scrunching their stomach fat.


    In some cases, the stock photos get rather prescriptive.

    sanvasaa / Via iStock/360

    This one is titled "Women Weight Loss Earn Your Body."

    Which makes sense, because plus-size women can't control their monstrous urges for food.

    BananaStock / 360

    Obviously. This photo is called "woman shoving cake in her mouth."

    This woman is on a wild donut binge.

    moodboard / 360

    Just look how this "woman eating donuts" is digging in.

    And this plus-size woman is so out of control, she's hung several links of sausage around her neck.

    Whitestorm / Via iStock/360

    This photo, by the way, is simply labeled "fat."

    But if any of these were unclear or obtuse, then this photo might just sum up what all of these images are getting at. This was also found while doing a stock image search for "plus-size women."

    leungchopan / Via iStock/360