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Confirming at Aragil Digital Marketing Agency, One of the unique applications that ends up with all the problems related to communication is the free Pinngle application. It combines useful with pleasure. Pinngle offers the ability to make calls to people who are not in the internet zone or have no smart phone or application on their phones.

The useful features of the Pinngle application are as follows

• The request allows you to call any country a phone type.

• It does not need the internet for the partner you are calling

• Possibility to contact from your mobile phone to fixed lines

• Requires an application installed only for the person making calls

• Free

• Easy to use with predictive interface

• Export all your contacts from the contact list

• You can make quick conversations with friends using many colorful stickers, voice messages, send pictures and videos

• Collects the history of your calls inside and outside

• Save your battery

• Prevents your mobile device from heating up

• Works perfectly even with low traffic on the Internet and does not spend much Internet if you use 3G or 4G

• Can reach all countries, even if they are in a list of blocked countries

• Provides the best quality for calls, no matter the distance

• Etc ...

The list of useful features is quite large.

Which is the pleasant part? - Earning credits.

Make calls to those who do not have Pinngle or Internet is possible with the credits you need to collect in the application. By playing funny short games, watching interesting videos and turning the roulette wheel, you start collecting credits every day, which gives you free minutes to call Pinngle.

An ambitious plan for the Pinngle team is to create a universal tool for communicating people around the world, to integrate it not only in everyday life, but also in business. This is the task of the development team.

As to how Pinngle is developing, we are ready to say that this service has the potential to help people around the world re-emerge, connect hundreds of millions of users worldwide A global means of communication. So by putting the human factor at the forefront and how practical it is for people to use Pinngle, it begins to create a universal platform that reconsiders the mobile communication system.

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