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12 Animals Who Are Comfortable In Their Own Fur

These furry dudes don't have time for judgment, they're too busy being chill. Be chill too and kick back with a pair of Sanuks.

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1. He's the king of this basket, and he's aight with that.

2. Sloth may be a sin, but this is one sinfully confident sloth.

3. Can't see the haters in these money shades.

4. Bunny ain't care. Bunny know who he is.

5. Passersby found the dog like this. They got jealous at how cool he was.

6. Neither participant gives a rip about this situation. They do what they want.

7. Dang.

8. This dog woke up saying, "Today, I own who I am."

9. It takes gusto to kick back in a teacup.

10. "This is how I snack when I see all the naysayers."

11. Don't like these cats' beautiful blonde hair? Deal with it.

12. Straight up LOVING life. And you should too.


Sanuk is #NeverUncomfortable.

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