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Weekends As Told By "Clue"

After a long week at work, you start to go a little crazy. No movie captures your emotions better than Clue, a comedy about communism, blackmail, and murder.

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1. By Friday, you'll do anything to avoid work.

2. Nothing is going right for you.

3. Your coworkers won't stop bothering you.

4. Everything is making you angry.

5. You think you might snap.

6. You're just looking for a calm, rational way to deal with them.

7. Suddenly, it's quitting time.

8. You've planned a busy night of solo-drinking.

9. But your friend drags you out to the bar...

10. ...which is full of douchebags.

11. You're not looking for a guy, though.

12. That doesn't stop your friend from ditching you for one.

13. It's...pretty gross.

14. But you just go with it.

15. Suddenly, it's last call.

16. You go to pay your tab.

17. Time to try and find your bed. Or any bed. Or a soft shrub somewhere.

18. You wake up and suddenly remember what happened last night.

19. Happy hangover!

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