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    "The Newsroom" Describes Watching "The Newsroom"

    It's hard to be a Newsroom fan. Fans of the show go through many emotions watching the show and trying to justify their obsession to others.

    When the intro takes forever to end.

    When a character says something blatantly obvious.

    When Don is being a jerk to Maggie.

    When Maggie is bad at her job.

    When someone mentions Don Quixote.

    When a character makes a good point.

    When you're trying to avoid spoilers for an episode you missed.

    When you waste a weekend binge-watching.

    When your roommates are being loud during a new episode...

    ...but they still won't shut up.

    WON'T. SHUT. UP.

    "Settle down. It's just a show."

    When they say they've been thinking about watching the show.

    When you explain the show, but they still don't get it.

    When they ask you how the new season is going.

    "If it's so frustrating, why do you keep watching it?"

    When they ask why you keep trying to get them into the show.

    When they sit down to watch and keep asking stupid questions.

    When they say the show is dumb.

    When the season ends, and you have to wait a year for new episodes.