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The Hypocrisy Of "The Bachelor"

Juan Pablo calls gay men perverted, is on "The Bachelor"

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Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Galavis

The current Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis recently made headlines with anti-gay comments, making him the latest in a long string of prominent figures who think they can get away with homophobic statements.

Galavis expressed his opposition to a theoretical gay version of "The Bachelor," saying it would be a bad example for the kids and hard to watch because gay people are "more pervert" [sic].

Juan Pablo later took to Facebook to try and clear up what he said, blaming it on his poor English speaking skills and saying, "What I meant to say was that gay people are more affectionate and intense and for a segment of the TV audience this would be too racy to accept." His meaning is clear. The contestants would be hooking up on camera, which is exactly what already happens on "The Bachelor" on a regular basis. He also admits that his show is racy, too, which suggests that because he doesn't like seeing men kissing each other, it's perverted. Heterosexual sluttiness is completely acceptable by his book.

It might be true that a gay version on "The Bachelor" would not work, because inevitably, the gay contestants would find compatible matches among themselves, given the sheer number of possible match-ups, and divert their attention from wooing the Bachelor. It would be a logistical nightmare, but it has nothing to do with morality. "The Bachelor" is already enough of a moral vacuum as it stands.

Juan Pablo prides himself on being a father and spares no opportunity to bring up how awesome of a dad he is for loving his daughter. The lady doth protest too much, methinks. Juan Pablo allegedly owes over $3,500 in back child support payments. As someone who doesn't want gay men looking for love on TV, the deadbeat dad should not be throwing stones.

Assuming the child support scandal is untrue, calling gay men "more pervert" is still a steep accusation coming from the Bachelor. On his show, he dates 27 women at once. 27 desperate, largely unstable women throw themselves at a complete stranger on national television.

From the instant the season premiered, it was already, in Juan Pablo's own words, "hard to watch." The opening montage showed him making out with several different women, and he was shirtless within the first two minutes of the show. This was followed by him saying "I want to make sure that I'm a good example for my daughter."

If that's the case, he should have avoided the show entirely. Of the 16 bachelors over 17 seasons (Brad Womack had two seasons to not find love), only the most recent Bachelor, Sean Lowe, is still in a relationship with his final woman. The two are set to wed on live television on January 26, so we have that classy affair on the horizon. Time will tell how long the couple stays together. The Bachelorettes have fared better, though. Of the nine Bachelorettes, two are still married to the men they ended up choosing, and one is still engaged. Still, being the bachelor is all but a guarantee that you will not find love on the show. One may wonder how Galavis plans on explaining to his daughter how he met her future ex-stepmother.

As the season premiere was introducing the women, it quickly became clear they were there for one thing and one thing only: Juan Pablo's face.

Some of the comments from the women include:

-"He's definitely my type. He's super attractive. We already have a lot in common."

-"I absolutely believe Juan Pablo and I could be destined for each other. He seems like such a good man, and he's so hot."

-"Juan Pablo is very sexy. Very sexy."

Aside from the occasional "I'm looking for love" (good luck) and "He's such a good dad" (see above for evidence to the contrary), no woman had anything of substance to say about Juan Pablo, who was featured prominently in season 9 of "The Bachelorette."

As the star of "The Bachelor," Juan Pablo Galavis is hardly one to accuse gay men of being perverted. His ignorant and hypocritical comments carry no authority.

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