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18 Signs You Are Definitely Katniss Everdeen

"I volunteer as Katniss."

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1. You're fearless.

2. But sometimes, you're in a glass case of emotion.

3. You can keep a secret.

4. You're a great cook.

5. You're a team player.

6. But you don't take shit from ANYBODY.

7. You're a lover...


8. AND a fighter.

9. Like...a STRONG fighter.

10. You're not the best at making friends.

11. But you love the friends you DO have.

12. You're aware of everything around you.

13. And you give GREAT side-eye.

14. You're a humanitarian.

15. But you have no idea the effect you can have.

16. You're an entertainer.

17. But you're humble.

18. And you DO NOT believe in "stop, drop, and roll."

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