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15 Times You Felt Like You Were Being Punished For Just Trying To Adult

Sometimes it feels like the whole world is conspiring against you. Count on Santander Bank to always respect your hustle.

1. When you decide to splurge on an expensive haircut for once and it ends up being hideous.

2. When you decide to meal prep for the week to save some cash and you royally screw up the recipe.

3. When you decide to finally build that shelf you bought and you don't have any of the hardware you need.

4. Or you just straight-up don't know what you're doing.

5. When you buy something you needed online because it was cheaper but it ends up being way, way too small.

6. When you *finally* decide to wash your car after weeks of it being embarrassingly dirty and it rains.

7. When you check the weather and it says it won't rain...but it does anyway!

8. When you finally muster up the will to go to the gym, only to pull a muscle five minutes into your workout.

9. When you put all your money into your savings account and your favorite artist drops surprise concert tickets that you know will sell out fast.

10. When you deep clean and organize your room after weeks of living in mayhem but now you don't know where anything is.

11. When you splurge on a fancy outfit and you immediately stain it.

12. When you're trying to eat healthy and everyone around you is indulging.

13. When you decide to take your mountain of laundry to the laundromat and your favorite top shrinks three sizes.

14. When you think you're finally done with work after a crazy day and you get an email at 4:59 p.m. asking you to do something.

15. When you're just above the minimum balance needed for your checking account and then one of your subscriptions deducts a payment.

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There are some surprises you can't avoid, but respect from your bank should be expected.

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