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The Internet Is Freaking Out Over The Santa Clarita Diet

People are posting photos of themselves trying the new #SantaClaritaDiet, but something's, umm, not quite right about this...

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Drew Barrymore is the official spokesperson for the #SantaClaritaDiet, but that's not stopping people from finding it a little bit...strange. Take a look and decide for yourself:

@Jeff is killin' it in this delicious doughnut photo to celebrate the start of his #SantaClaritaDiet...

Instagram: @jeff

...and the always beautiful @Oliamajd slays with her yummy #SantaClaritaDiet smoothie.

Instagram: @oliamajd

But, um, what's up with the rubber gloves?

@MeghanYuriYoung is taking a stab at the new diet as well!

Instagram: @meghanyuriyoung

But there are those rubber gloves again. Hmm. It's probably just a coincidence. Moving on!

@Jadelizroper loves a good #SantaClaritaDiet shake after a killer workout, and — wait a that blood on her mouth?

Instagram: @jadelizroper

I'm sure there's an explanation. She's probably just came from a rough dentist's appointment or something, right? Maybe?

@Hannah_Rathbunn makes this diet plan look drop-dead gorgeous, and yes that is definitely blood on her mouth.

Instagram: @hannah_rathbunn

Okay, whuuuuuut?

@Tortillaa is always to die for, and right now she's loving her new— okay, what is going on here?

Instagram: @tortillaa

More blood? Or is is strawberry syrup or something? What is this?!

If abs could kill, then @Daddy_Crawf would need a permit just to— okay, this cannot be ignored. He's covered in blood!

Instagram: @daddy_crawf


How does @Inanna manage to look so lethally luscious while enjoying a delicious smoothie and also oh my god what does that bottle say?!

Instagram: @inanna

Blood brains tissue guts plasma? Are those like, silly fun diet names for vitamins or something? What is going on?

@VioletBens0n is mixing up a dangerously delicious #SantaClaritaDiet smoothie so she can...wait WTF is in that blender?!

Instagram: @violetbens0n

There's definitely something sinister about this new Santa Clarita Diet, but if Drew Barrymore says it's fine, then it's probably legit. Right? Right?

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