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14 Crazy Fad Diets That Actually Exist

The Werewolf Diet? Yes, the Werewolf Diet!

The Santa Clarita Diet is the latest entry in a long history of strange, mysterious diet plans.

Sometimes those weird diet plans actually lead to a healthier lifestyle, but these are not those diet plans. Seriously, don't try any of these. They're all terrible and dangerous!

1. The Air Diet

2. The Chewing Diet

3. The Baby Food Diet

4. The Vinegar Diet

5. The Ice Cream Diet

6. The Cotton Ball Diet

7. The Alcohol Diet

8. The Wine and Egg Diet

9. The Abstinence Diet

10. The Fruitarian Diet

11. The Sleeping Beauty Diet

12. The Sun Diet

13. The Werewolf Diet

14. The Tapeworm Diet

Diets fads can be weird, but the Santa Clarita Diet is a plan you can live by. Eat smart people!

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