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  • Sanoxy The Effective Smart Presenter Pointer Pen Easily allows you to make impressive presentations at schools and business meetings.

    Sanoxy® maker of the America’s popular Computer Peripherals and Mobile Accessories launched a new premium presenter device for effective no worry presentations compatible with the Windows® and Mac operating system - the Smart Presenter Pointer. It is the premium solution that can make any presentation impressive. Smart Presenter, give you the confidence to move freely around the room, so that you can focus on delivering a more effective and impressive presentations. the USB receiver can plug into pen pointer body. This 650nm Wireless Remote Red Laser Pointer Presenters with USB Receiver (1*AAA) adopts the latest technology in red laser. “Smart features that are designed to make you a better presenter, the Smart and Wireless Presenter eliminates the need to run back and forth to your laptop distract your PowerPoint® presentation or to tell your associate to go to the following slide.”This Smart Presenter doesn’t require any driver. Simply plug ad play! Plug the USB receiver into the computer or laptop you’d like to control, and use the Sanoxy smart presenter remote for controlling your presentations. Another great function of this Smart Pointer is the Mouse Mode to perform left and right clicks, control mouse movement, and scroll up and down pages.

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