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    31 Reasons Blair Waldorf From "Gossip Girl" Is The Real Queen B

    Bow down, minions.

    1. She has true words of wisdom.

    2. She tells it like it is.

    3. Even if it hurts.

    4. Even if it really hurts.

    5. She knows a king is nothing without his queen.

    6. Even if he is a *royal* pain in the ass.

    7. Even Blair has feelings.

    8. But she doesn't let them control her.

    9. She knows how to be strong.

    10. She takes her life into her own hands.

    11. She doesn't let anyone underestimate her.

    12. She has her priorities straight.

    13. She's not afraid to try something new.

    14. She is truly confident.

    15. She hated high school just as much as you did.

    16. She knows the spawn of Satan when she sees her.

    17. She asks the important questions.

    18. She ~doesn't need no man in her life.~

    19. She knows her worth.

    20. And she makes sure her friends know their worth.

    21. She gives you hope.

    22. Your goal in life is to one day shop like this.

    23. She doesn't beat around the bush.

    24. She has ambition.

    25. After all, she went from "tights are not pants" to becoming a successful fashion designer.

    26. You can't deny that she always has the best advice.

    27. But even Queen B has her nice days.

    28. And when she does, she lets the special people in her life know how much they mean to her.

    29. Because at the end of the day, her heart is big.

    30. But no one can take away her title of Queen.

    31. After all, she is the one and only Blair Waldorf.