10 Reasons Why Adam Pally From “The Mindy Project” Is The Perfect BBF

We all know you want to be BFFs with Mindy Kaling, but here’s why Adam Pally would make the greatest BBF ever (Best Bro Friend, duh).

1. When he’s not being the lovable Peter Prentice on The Mindy Project…

2. …He moonlights as the God of Twitter Hilarity.

3. The man is a fan of Girl Scout cookies, like a true American.

4. Not to mention he’s quite worldly. Yet he’s cool enough to not push his beliefs on others.

5. He sees the importance in personal grooming. Plus, he speaks Spanish.

6. He acts, does improv, AND possesses the skills to put doctors to shame?! WHAT CAN HE NOT DO?

Im not a surgeon but the work I just did keeping my falafel sandwich 2geth as I ate makes me think I could stitch a motherfucker up at least

— adam pally (@adampally)

7. Oh, and he also knows the proper way to eat junk food.

I've never put the cookies away without speed eating 17 at the last minute like a raccoon going through garbage. I'm bad!!!

— adam pally (@adampally)

8. He can make no sense, offend you, sound exactly like Peter Prentice, and cast a love spell over your mind all at the same time.

What's up with this rooster that crows at odd hours. Asking for a hen. What? U think i feel bad for this? You read it. Dumby. Sorry. Ur fine

— adam pally (@adampally)

9. And he does things like this…

Young kid next to me in traffic rocking out. I start to mimic, then when eye contact made I scream "Dad?" Then drive off like I saw a ghost!

— adam pally (@adampally)

10. Have I mentioned he would make an impeccable referee?

That one handed kid playing football commercial is super inspirational and heartwarming. But, to be fair, you can't call him for holding.

— adam pally (@adampally)

11. And even though he’s rich and famous, he still keeps it real, like a broke, college kid.

Vegas update: things have taken an even awfuler turn

— adam pally (@adampally)

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