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12 Midweek Freezer Recipes For People With No Time

During Mondays, we surely don’t encounter any problems when it comes to meals when getting home because we surely have prepared something over the weekend that we could munch right away once we arrive at the house. However, it is a different scenario during the midweek as we all struggle to prepare and cook food most especially in dinners as we are already tired and stressed from work. If this is also your constant problem during the midweek then it is time for you to take full advantage of your freezer. Aside from keeping meat and other stuff, the freezer is also designed to store cooked food that can later be reheated for eating. The extremely low temperature will avoid bacteria from spoiling the food that is why the cooked food is still ready to eat after a couple of days inside the freezer.

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Not all food recipes are suitable to be left frozen because there are certain ingredients that are still susceptible to bacteria even at freezing temperatures. This is why we prepared a short list of meals that you can prepare over the weekend and be left in the freezer until you eat them during the midweek. With these recipes, you will no longer stress out over cooking meals right when you arrive at home from work during the middle days of the week.

1.Mac and Cheese

The simple combination of macaroni and cheese is a heavy favorite. Do not be surprised if the sauce will look thin once you get it out of the freezer because it will just eventually thicken once you reheat it for consumption. You can also choose to add bits of ham and bacon to make this dish more exciting.

2.Beef and Mortadella Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

Make sure that you make the meatballs tender enough because you will have a problem later on if you reheat it from being frozen. Just do not overwork the meatball mixture and let it simmer to make sure the meat is tender.

3.Beef & Bacon Meatloaf

The beef stock that you will use to prepare the meatloaf will keep this recipe juicy and flavorful once you reheat it. You can also choose to add some tomato catsup for some sour flavoring that will balance the saltiness of the beef and bacon.

4.Roasted Tomato Soup

Simply create a broth by adding water to canned tomatoes or several fresh tomatoes. You can also add some tomato paste and some spices in order to thicken the flavor. Roasted tomato soup is a perfect dish that you can easily take to soothe hunger and then prepare a heavier meal later on once you have the energy for it.

5.Sunflower Seed Pesto

The secret ingredients to create the perfect sunflower seed pesto is arugula and honey. Freeze the pesto in ice cube trays so that you can consume it in cubes later on when you already want to eat it.

6.Chicken Pot Pie

The puff pastry has to be thawed in the undercounter freezer the night before making this dish. Once cooked, you can just wrap it with a foil then store inside the freezer and just take out pieces of it whenever you and your family need some quick comfort food.

7.Spaghetti/Lasagna Bolognese

Depending on the type of pasta you will use, pasta meals such as spaghetti and lasagna are always favorites when it comes to freezer recipes. These Italian dishes can easily be modified according to your preference and taste.

8.Chicken Stock

The best chicken stock is to devote at least a week for its preparation. The longer it takes would mean the tastier it gets. Even though this is not directly a meal itself, it can be the biggest compliment to braises, sauces and other meals that you are going to prepare for the entire week.

9.Massaman Chicken

This is a special chicken stew recipe and can be done by removing the skin of the chicken and then shred its meat. Take advantage of readily made massaman curry sauce in order to speed up the process of preparing this dish.

10.Fish & Vegetable Pie

Who ever expected that fish and vegetables can be combined together in a pie? This dish is an improvised version of the fish shepherd pie but with additional potatoes, tomatoes, leeks and zucchini to help solidify the filling. You would not want your pie to be very saucy because it may cause the pie itself to crumble.

11.Cauliflower & Cashew Soup with Crispy Buckwheat

Simmer all the vegetables via the l’etoufee’ technique in very low heat so that they’d be cooked out of their own steam. This is the best way to achieve the desired soup out of this dish. The cauliflower is simply an add-on but you can also replace it with celeriac or rutabagas if they are available in your kitchen.

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