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5 Motorcycles You Must Consider Today If You Are Out To Buy One

Motorcycles are not for everyone. People love riding cars but there are those who would never let go of their passion to ride motorcycles to get a car or any other fancy looking vehicle. Motorcycle riding experience is unique. The pleasure of riding a motorcycle can hardly be matched by riding any other vehicles. You are in the open straddling a machine just like you would straddle a horse and bring it under your control. And when it pierces through the sheet of wind with that roar like sound, you are in a state of ecstasy.

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Motorcycles are present in almost all countries of the world, but we can say that they are used differently in different countries. In some countries they are used more for show-off (in a good way) and as a way for passionate people to make their dreams come true. In other countries they are used for common transport just like other vehicles. However, if you are a fan of riding powerful machines and bringing them under your control, and are looking for a new motorcycle here's the list of the most recommended motorcycles.

1. 2015 Kawasaki Versys 650 LT


There can never be a list of great motorcycles without Kawasaki on it. Kawasaki Versys 650 LT is a powerhouse and a look of the new dimensions that Kawasaki seems to explore recently. This motorcycle is made in a completely different way design-wise from its previous counterparts. This particular model comes with its own matching saddlebags and an adjustable windshield without requiring any tools. A lot of the design has been rounded now and comfort level has been improved with improved footpeg positions. KYB shocks have been introduced in addition to Nissin Calipers braking system. It's a 649cc motorcycle with 6-speed transmission and ABS brakes in dual 300mm petal rotor style.

2. Yamaha YZF-R3


Yamaha is another name that defines that world of motorcycles. This particular motorcycle from Yamaha is more meant for new riders and those who are not comfortable with big powerful machines. It is also one of the most affordable bikes you will find. The motorcycle is a 320cc with a design that makes it look like a sports bike. There is a parallel twin engine on it and the new engineering has given this motorcycle its unique sound as well. The engine is liquid cooled with forged pistons. There are 4 cylinders on every valve. The tank on this motorcycle has a capacity of 3.5 gallons. With many improvements in the engine section Yamaha has done a great job at reducing the weight of this motorcycle.

3. 2015 Kawaski Versys 1000 LT


This motorcycle from Kawasaki has received a redesign and now it looks even better. This particular motorcycle is for those who like to ride heavy machines. It is a 1000cc motorcycle that comes with the leather cases on both sides. Many of the features of the motorcycle are similar to 650 LT and comes with 2 power modes on it. The structure of this motorcycle will demand you to sit upright. The windshield can be adjusted. The brakes on the front are 310mm discs. The liquid cooled engine and 6-speed transmission, this motorcycle is going to cast a great impression for the passionate ones.

4. 2015 Star Bolt C-Spec

This bike comes under the cruiser lineup from Yamaha. The v-twin engine is air cooled and it is a 942cc motorcycle. There is a 3.2-gallon tank on it and brake rotors that mimic a wave. This motorcycle has a digital meter at its front and its saddle can be adjusted to make it a seat for solo riding or for couples. The seat is padded efficiently to keep the ride comfortable. The shocks have been made longer than the previous models and this time the rider will be sitting 1.6-inch higher. This one is meant for new riders as well as the seasoned ones. This is a 5-speed motorcycle with some amazing looks and a fuel economy of a little more than 50 miles per gallon.

5. 2015 Suzuki V-Storm 650XT ABS


This 90-degree V-twin is getting famous for delivering a very smooth performance. This motorcycle comes with twin sparkplug cylinder heads. They have been put on this motorcycle in order to improve its fuel economy. The combustion process has been improved and thus you get a better economy on fuel when you ride this bike. Previously this motorcycle had cast wheels but now you are getting wire wheels on this one. The quality of the frame material has also been improved from the previous models. The windscreen is adjustable on this bike and you will enjoy the 6-speed transmission on it too. There is a 20-liter fuel tank on it and a 2-year unlimited kilometer warranty.

Motorcycles are best ridden when you have complete safety accessories with you. The sheer pleasure of riding through the winds can make many get carried away and ride faster and relentlessly. It is best that you look for a few motorcycle jackets, vests, helmets and other safety accessories while looking for a motorcycle. Here's a good place to look for these. Also, remember to buy a motorcycle that meets your needs. It is not about spending less or getting something that you can boast for. It is about buying a motorcycle that serves your purpose well. Lastly, learn a few things about how to maintain a motorcycle before you buy one.

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