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10 Most Researched Medical Conditions You Should Know About

There are a number of medical conditions that have widely been a subject of scientific research. Though, the number of such illnesses can be huge, this article will briefly enlighten 10 of the most studied medical conditions here.

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This dangerous disease is rapidly increasing by each passing day. Cancer can be of many types such as breast, liver, brain, bladder, cervical, skin, blood, thyroid, lungs and so forth. It can harm any part of human body and develops when growth of cancer cells becomes out of control, and crowds out normal body cells. With cancer, it actually becomes hard for the body to work normally. Though, sometimes it is difficult for cancer patients to survive, many people also get rid of its symptoms with a proper treatment.

2.Down syndrome

Down syndrome is characteristics of intellectual disability and unusual facial expressions. It also causes week muscle tones (hypotonia) during infancy. Individuals with such a medical condition go through cognitive delays. Most people with Down syndrome tend to have different birth defects such as heart defect, blockages of intestine and so forth. Moreover, they have an increased risk of developing a number of medical problems including gastro esophagealre flux, and celiac disease, hypothyroidism and so forth. People with Down syndrome may also develop various hearing and vision problems while a small percentage of children with such a syndrome can also develop blood cancer (leukemia).


Diabetes is a medical condition where a person gets his blood sugar level too high. It's a life time disease and can be of two different types: type 1 and type 2. With type 1 diabetes, no enough insulin is produced by the body which weakens the immune system as well as diminishes the cells that create insulin. On the other hand, type 2 of this medical condition is more common than the other type of diabetes which stops the body to produce enough insulin or body's cells to react to insulin. Besides, diabetes may also attack pregnant women who get high levels of blood glucose making their body unable to produce enough insulin for absorbing it all. This is called gestational diabetes.

4.Asperger Syndrome

It is basically a developmental disorder that causes a child feel very clumsy when he or she is put on the spot or is in the situation where speaking loudly to others is a must. Besides, there are several other symptoms that are similar to austim's symptoms such as poor socialization skills and a preferred routine. Once a person is diagnosed with such a disease, he or she will be having it for a life span. Here's some more interesting information in this regard:


Most commonly known as polio, it is a highly contagious disease that attacks on nervous system. Children under age of 5 years have a more likelihood to be effected by the polio virus than any other age groups. Initial symptoms of non-paralytic polio usually last from 1 to 10 days, and include fever, headache, sore throat, fatigue, vomiting and meningitis. On the other hand, paralytic polio leads to paralysis either in the brainstem or spinal cord or both.


Sometimes, genetic disorders or a brain injury can cause Epilepsy- a disorder that disturbs nerve cell activity in the brain resulting in seizures.

7.Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

This medical condition refers to a group of conditions that attack a person whose mother consumed alcohol during her pregnancy. It causes abnormal features, central nervous problems, learning disability and behavioral problems etc. Sometimes, it can also cause a fetal death.

8.Influenza (Flu virus)

It’s a very common viral infection, and is one of the most researched medical conditions. The symptoms of Influenza (flu) can emerge around the year. It attacks the nose, throat and lungs, and any one can develop this conditions Fever, muscle aches, coughing, chest and nose congestion, headaches, fatigue, and running nose are some of its key symptoms.


Easily spreadable, this disease requires a proper and extensive medical diagnose. Its symptoms include watery diarrhea or greasy stools, fatigue, stomach cramps. Sometimes, it also causes belching gas.

10.Swine Flu

This disease has certainly hit the most headlines. Swine Flu in humans is a kind of the flu or influenza that usually affects pigs. Usually, people are advised to take general precautions in order to save themselves from swine flu such as covering mouth and nose, and using a tissue when coughing.

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