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10 Interesting Facts About The iPhone

Introduced by Steve Jobs in 2007, the iPhone is an iconic smartphone that has been ruling the market since the day of its release. With excellent performance and unmatched speed, the iPhone has been king of the smartphone market for the last 10 years and has successfully revolutionized the digital world. On its release, critics had called it exceptional, but today, the phone has become almost indispensable for millions of people all over the world. Apart from the unparalleled success of the iPhone, here are some interesting facts about the spectacular device:

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1: Invention of the Year award

Times Magazine’s highly coveted ‘Invention of the Year’ award was granted to the iPhone in 2007 due to its powerful OS, superior design and impressive performance that had blown away experts and fans alike.

2: Developers earned billions

According to Apple Inc., in 2016 alone, developers were able to earn $20 billion from the App Store, which was a 40 percent increase from 2015. Developers have earned over $60 billion since the App Store was introduced in 2008.

3: The Jesus Phone

After a successful release, majority of the US media had dubbed iPhone as The Jesus Phone because hundreds of people had rushed to the store to get their hands on it. The ones who couldn’t buy were busy envying it and those who did buy were gushing about it.

4: 49% people sell their old iPhones before buying new ones

This is really great because it doesn’t happen for any other phone specifically. Yes, it is true that people sell their old phone most of the time, but this number is huge for one smartphone. People even sell broken iPhone as others are willing to buy it.

5: iPhone survived over a 13000 feet fall

Jarrod McKinney was a skydiver and he lost his phone when he jumped from 13000 feet. Fortunately, his phone was still alive and kicking when he eventually found it. Only the iPhone’s screen had cracked. The rest of it was working rather smoothly.

6: Processors for the iPhone are manufactured by Apple’s primary competitor, Samsung Electronics

The two largest smartphones vendors worldwide are Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc. The South Korean smartphone maker doesn’t miss a chance to move ahead of the iPhone and is constantly trying to best it. They are arch-rivals indeed, but that’s not the only relationship they have. The processors for Apple’s iconic phone are actually produced by Samsung so they also have a supplier-customer relationship.

7: Apple enjoys over 90 percent profit

Even though Apple’s market share is not more than 20 percent, it is still able to take away more than 90 percent of the profit in the smartphone industry. It has the greatest market share in the United States.

8: iPhone was initially just a tablet project

Apple had been putting their full effort into making an advanced and unique tablet. But, when a virtual keyboard interaction was done with an iPad design by Steve Jobs, he took the entire concept and transformed it into a smartphone. This is how the phone that gave birth to the smartphone was introduced.

9: The real secret of 9.41

If you have seen iPhone ads, you will notice that they always show time as 9.41. This is because the iPhone was introduced at exactly this time by the late Steve Jobs. Scott Forstall, a former executive at Apple, said that keynotes are designed so that the big reveal of the phone happens after 40 minutes of the presentation and they want the time to be as close to the actual time on the watches of the audience.

10: Apple became largest smartphone vendor thanks to 4s Success

In October 2011, Apple succeeded in selling 1 million models of the iPhone 4s in 24 hours of its release. Due to the device’s high selling price and also the high volume being manufactured because of demand, the sales enabled Apple Inc. to become the largest smartphone maker in 2011 as it was able to overtake Nokia, which had enjoyed the title before then.

Even today, Apple continues to rein strong in the smartphone market and releases new and improved versions of its iPhone every year.

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