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    17 Genius Uses For VapoRub That'll Blow Your Mind

    It's the duct tape of the medicine world.

    Reminder: Don't believe everything you read on the internet! (And probably don't try all of these at home.)

    1. When you want the decongestant without the slimy feeling:

    2. When your fav matte lippie won't let you go:

    3. When inanimate objects betray you:

    4. When you don't want to be a bug buffet:

    sarahheather1 / Via

    5. When you didn't use bug spray:

    6. When you forgot the one thing you went on a Target run for:

    7. When you need to brace your house because winter is coming:

    8. When you'd rather DIY a humidifier:

    crickie / Via

    9. When you get a zit before picture day:

    10. When water is no longer enough:

    11. When you're trying to impress at your holiday party:

    12. When you feel the sick coming:

    hanlon_227 / Via

    13. When you killed it at the gym and your muscles are mad at you:

    14. When you want to take care of things discreetly:

    15. When you've had a long AF day at work:

    16. When your pets have horrible hobbies:

    17. Basically:

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