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    17 Tumblr Posts About Spanish That Are Really Fucking Funny

    "Do people really still say 'me gusta'?"

    1. When they took vitamin C way too literally.

    2. When they retained one thing from AP Spanish.

    3. When they doubted the translating ability of the internet.

    4. When they tried to be motivational.

    5. When they encouraged romance.

    6. When they replaced YOLO with SOCKS.

    7. When they showed that nothing is safe from "mmm watcha say."

    8. When they forgot that "me gusta" was more than a meme.

    9. When they needed to work on their definition of "sexy."

    10. When they assumed that anything not in English is automatically Spanish.

    11. When they had their own definition of love.

    12. When they had too much fun with accents and capitalization.

    13. When they tried saving people.

    14. When they forgot about Spain.

    15. When they couldn't resist this dad joke.

    16. When they celebrated the holidays in their own way.

    17. And when they took the weirdest Spanish classes ever.