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17 Wikipedia Pages That'll Freak You The Fuck Out

El Cucuy is just the tip of the iceberg.

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2. El Sacomán

Fabio Boyer / Via

Sometimes told instead of el Cucuy, el Sacomán is a mean, ugly old man who also goes after misbehaving children. Depending on where you hear this legend, he either eats or sells the children he collects in a sack on his back. He's also known as el Roba Chicos, el Hombre del Saco, and el Hombre del Costal.

3. Los Cadejos

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

They're two spirits that take the form of a shaggy dog with red eyes and goat hooves. Depending on the fur color (either white or black), they're said to bring protection or death to travelers. Although it is possible to kill them, many who try to end up dying. They can also make you go insane if you try to speak to them or turn your back to them.


4. El Silbón

David Ortega / Via

He's the ghost of a man who killed his father and disemboweled his wife, and was cursed by his grandfather to carry his father’s bones for eternity. He is known for his whistle that can serve as a warning. You're safe if the whistle sounds close by, but if it sounds far away, then you're in danger. His incredibly tall and thin bony figure can often be seen wearing a straw hat and sitting with his knees up.

5. La Patasola

jewelsyavila / Via

She appears to men in the wilderness, taking on the form of a loved one. She lures men away from their group and then once isolated, reveals her true form of a one-legged creature with a hunger for human flesh and blood.

7. La Ciguapa

lexnonscripta / Via

Described as a woman with brown or dark blue skin, La Ciguapa has backward-facing feet and long hair that covers her naked body. She is said to live in the mountains of the Dominican Republic, lures travelers into the forest, and kills them after sex.


8. El Sombrerón

kenyarodca / Via

Also known as Tzipitio or Tzizimite, he’s a short man known for his black dress, big black hat, and loud boots. He’s obsessed with braiding and can often be found braiding the tails and manes of horses, sometimes braiding dogs if he can’t find a horse. When he courts young women, he braids their hair and serenades them with his silver guitar, then feeds them soil so that they can’t eat or sleep.

9. La Sayona

glenisgomz / Via

She is the vengeful spirit of a woman that appears to men who are adulterous in their marriage. Her appearance can be brought on by men thinking about the women they left behind or simply men talking about wanting a woman. Depending on where you hear this legend she either devours the man, mangles the man and leaves him for others to find, rips off his genitals with her hand, mangles the genitals beyond repair, or gives them a strange disease that makes it apparent the man has been unfaithful.


12. El Peuchen

National Geographic / Via

This shapeshifting creature is often described as a huge flying snake that emits whistling sounds. It’s said that its gaze can paralyze victims, which then allows the creature to suck the victim’s blood.

13. El Pishtaco

Kripke Enterprises, Warner Bros. Television / Via Netflix

According to the legend that originated in South America around the time of the Spanish conquest, a pishtaco is a stranger, often a white male, that seeks to abuse and kill unsuspecting natives. They steal body fat and cut up human flesh to sell as chicharrones.

14. La Pascualita

dicicleta / Via

She is a store mannequin that is said to be the embalmed body of a man's daughter who died on her wedding day. Rumor has it that she still walks the shop at night and can be seen crying during certain times of the year.

15. La Chorca

sophia1299 / Via

Known as an owl woman, she's a human female by day and a bloodthirsty monster by night. She has a nose that can detect non-baptized newborns and wings that allow her to go from child to child very quickly. Her preferred method of killing is by using a thread that extracts blood from the navel or soft spot on a baby. The only thing that can save a baby from her wrath is to be baptized.

16. La Siguanaba

deofuentes / Via

This shapeshifting spirit takes the appearance of a long-haired woman with either a skull or horse head. She preys on both men and children, able to mimic the appearance of a girlfriend or mother in order to lead them astray. Once they're far enough to be lost, she reveals her face and the sight of it either scares them to death or drives them mad.

17. La Llorona

cupegui0 / Via

She’s the ghost of a woman searching for her kids after having drowned them in a river as an act of revenge against her cheating husband. Once realizing her children were dead, she also drowned herself. In some versions of this legend, she is said to be banned from heaven unless she finds the souls of her dead children. In an attempt to gain admission into heaven, she seeks children to drown and replace the souls of her children.