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16 People Who Will Never Trust Anyone Ever Again

They're honestly feeling so attacked right now.

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1. This kid with the quickest sister:

yvee_10 / Via

2. This mom that's done with these chingaderas:

mividaloca_208_ / Via

3. This boy trying to fight the inevitable:

lbspecialkitty / Via

4. This person who thought their niece would keep them safe:

5. This guy who got his face pushed in after the cake had been cut:

leatherspiceeverythingnice / Via

6. This man who finally realized why there were two cakes:

sarah_morrisimo / Via

7. This demotivated student:

sugah_hips / Via

8. This girl who didn't ask for this hair mask:

rafatwin / Via

9. This person who was doomed as soon as she sat down:

elii_chona / Via

10. This unsuspecting birthday girl:

melisapaola1203 / Via

11. This once happy-go-lucky man:

yazistein / Via

12. This man with the worst frenemy:

angelinecano / Via

13. This boy with overeager siblings:

camerajor / Via

14. This man who saw his life flash before his eyes:

yoshi_vega / Via

15. This man who inspired teamwork:

yeredalan / Via

16. And finally, this kid who was all of us at that age:

sluglove_ / Via

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