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    Sep 9, 2016

    Bow Down To This Latina With Beyoncé Level Confidence

    She's got Beyoncé-level confidence all of the time.

    When you think of ~confidence goals~, chances are that you think of Beyoncé...

    beyonceVEVO / Via


    NickiMinajAtVEVO / Via

    ...Selena and countless other absolute kweens.

    emimusic / Via

    But after this Bomba Estéreo music video, this little Latina should definitely join the ranks.

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    BombaEstereoVEVO / Via

    Shot in Brooklyn, "Soy Yo" follows a young girl around as she spends the day doing what she wants. Literally doing whatever she wants, haters be damned.

    This girl is a bonafide badass from her hairstyle to her overall aesthetic.

    BombaEstereoVEVO / Via

    When the haters try and get her down...

    BombaEstereoVEVO / Via

    ...she slays them with her recorder instead.

    BombaEstereoVEVO / Via

    When she sees boys playing basketball she goes in...

    BombaEstereoVEVO / Via


    BombaEstereoVEVO / Via

    When she sees teens busting moves in the street...

    BombaEstereoVEVO / Via

    ...she shows that she has a few tricks up her sleeve!

    BombaEstereoVEVO / Via

    YASSSSS! Cabbage patching the heck out of those youths...

    BombaEstereoVEVO / Via

    ...and topping it all off with the sassiest sprinkler ever performed!

    BombaEstereoVEVO / Via

    Jane The Virgin's Gina Rodriguez is already a fan of it...

    ...and she's not alone!

    This is a must-watch music video. Not just for the nostalgia...

    ...but also for what this little Latina could mean.

    Basically, she slays everything she does...and so should you!

    BombaEstereoVEVO / Via

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