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Literally Just 17 Funny Jokes For Anyone That Understands Spanish

"Tupac formerly known as Ustedpac."

1. This ~sexual~ truth about all of us:

2. This frustratingly obvious bath pun:

3. This information about John Cena's unknown siblings:

4. This valid point:

5. This joke that's nothing to sneeze at:

6. This abrupt vanishing act:

7. This total dad joke:

8. This PSA for bilingual milk:

9. This crumby joke:

10. This inclusive i i:

11. This ear-ritating joke:

12. This joke that needs to just keep swimming:

13. This mom that knows more than she lets on:

14. This Hail Mary of a joke:

15. This joke that makes no cents:

16. This formal version of Tupac's name:

17. And finally, this magical pun that works in two languages: