18 Life "Hacks" Every Latino Grew Up With

    Water + soap = new soap.

    1. You never ran out of space for all of your shit.

    2. You didn't throw old clothes away — they became new rags.

    3. You knew how to extend the life of your soap.

    4. You're still using the same cooking oil from your childhood.

    5. You knew how to save every bag in a bag...

    6. ...because they could become anything.

    7. You knew how to have an endless supply of napkins.

    8. You took years to realize that people actually bought ketchup.

    9. You knew that cookie tins could store almost anything...

    10. ...and these containers were perfect for anything other than butter.

    11. You never knew what "disposable tableware" actually meant...

    12. ...or "disposable storage."

    13. Your parents knew how to prevent your porquerias.

    14. You knew the "silk" setting on your plancha worked for hair too.

    15. You knew how to go to the "water park" for free.

    16. You made do without fancy-ass hot dog buns.

    17. You knew how to create a set of matching glassware.

    18. And finally, you knew how to cure anything with Vicks and a little frog butt.