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    17 Of The Worst Things That Have Happened To Tacos

    These aren't tacos, they're more like tac-nos.

    1. This broke college kid invention:

    Patches_Mcgee / Via

    2. This "loaded" fish taco:

    elkarcher87 / Via

    3. This breakfast that couldn't get itself together:

    katieslosingit / Via

    4. This Chipotle taco that foreshadows you in a few hours:

    kittuns / Via

    5. This Taco Bell employee that thought "close enough":

    playboymone / Via

    6. This atrocity that missed the inside of the taco:

    Savir5850 / Via

    7. This creation from an employee that gave zero fucks:

    lnmichel12 / Via

    8. This taco that's only made when you hit 2007 Britney rock bottom:

    Austin-117 / Via

    9. This PB&J pancake creation made by someone who needs to get off Pinterest:

    MyNamesJoseph / Via

    10. This fish taco that makes gas station sushi look good:

    SuperVoodoo / Via

    11. This Taco Bell employee that took "sour cream on the side" literally:

    mauinion / Via

    12. This breakfast taco that is trying to warn you against eating it:

    HuluBeth / Via

    13. This taco that just really wanted to be a quesadilla:

    LlamasUnite / Via

    14. This "gourmet" chicken and cheese taco that schools need to stop serving:

    resha11 / Via

    15. This cheese & mayo creation that is all sorts of NO:

    nexdot / Via

    16. This taco that manages to disrespect Spam:

    cruzge / Via

    17. And finally, this tragic accident that we wouldn't wish on our worst enemy:

    curtgodsey / Via