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We Need To Finally Admit That Gansitos Are Better Than Twinkies

Even Twinkies admitted defeat back in 2012.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know about the indestructible sponge cake known as the Twinkie.

Hostess / Via

It's been an obsession for far too long TBH.

Columbia Pictures / Via

And it's time to give Gansitos their turn in the spotlight.

Marinela / Via

They're similar to a Twinkie, but 1,000x better and basically heaven's gift to humans.

marionavarro07 / Via

They've got fluffier cream AND the sweetest jelly on the inside...

karengonzalex / Via

...and are COVERED in chocolate and chocolate sprinkles. What?! TYBG

casdes / Via

You can eat them right out of the package if you just can't wait...

yamiletalvarez_ / Via

...freeze them to savor them in the summer...

iamfrankbixler / Via

...or use them to up your dessert game. Whether that's milkshakes...

Los Hot Dogs De La San Juan / Via Facebook: LosHotDogsDeLaSanJuan

...your everyday cupcakes...

catarinas_cakes / Via

...or your favorite ice cream.

johannavaal27 / Via

They even come in limited edition flavors! As if they couldn't get any better, they add strawberry to the mix and...

jesuisninel / Via

...even red velvet.

princesszidy / Via

Basically, Gansitos are life...

erizagonzalez / Via

...and Twinkies are horribly overrated.

From that first strawberry jelly-filled bite of your childhood...

zindyanais / Via the savory remains left behind...

sankuroneko / Via

...Gansitos are the best five minutes of any day.

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