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17 Absurd Things That Happen Way Too Often To Latinas

No, we don't all want to call you "papi."

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1. Being described as a food dish or rare animal.

2. Having unnecessarily earlier curfews than brothers or primos.

3. Hearing opinions that are basically insults.

4. Being given the short end of the stick.

5. Being labeled as a problem for no reason.

6. Getting grilled by the gossiper in the family.

7. Having certain skills expected of you.

8. Listening to people who are stuck in their old-fashioned ways.

9. Hearing some of the absolute worst pick-up lines.


10. Being put under house arrest.

11. Having rude AF people falsely predict your future.

12. Fielding requests that you didn't ask for.


13. Being portrayed in one very specific light.

14. Hearing the phrase "I've always wanted to sleep with a Latina."

15. Having every other thing you say be made into a sexual innuendo.


16. Being asked to authenticate your ethnicity.

17. And, of course, people not appreciating that Latinas come in a variety of beautiful shapes and sizes.

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