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    16 Ridiculous Things Hairy Latinas Have To Deal With

    Who needs leg warmers when I can just not shave for two days?

    1. Being Latina can come with less-than-fun parts if you've been ~blessed~ with hair.

    2. Your overactive hair follicles kicked in at a young age, but your mom was adamant about you not shaving.

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    3. And even when she finally let you, you completely underestimated how much effort it actually is.

    4. But you didn't want to be made fun of, so you begrudgingly shaved your Chewbacca legs every other day.

    5. Then learned, through endless teasing, that there was more than just leg hair to worry about.

    6. And although you tried dealing with the numerous “problem areas,” your genes were just too damn strong.

    7. It even made dating more difficult, as if Tinder could get worse.

    8. So you vowed to stop shaving, but that only lasted so long.

    9. Even though shorts weather meant needing a whole Target aisle for daily smooth legs.

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    10. But as the years have passed, you've started to question needing to be completely hairless.

    11. And maybe you've even decided to stop shaving and embrace your natural glory.

    12. Or just don't feel like spending an hour every day to hair maintenance.

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    13. Maybe you're just tired of the stupid double standard and want to take your body back.

    14. Ultimately, the choice is YOURS. Whether you decide not to shave...

    15. ...or shave because YOU feel better that way...

    16. are still a goddamn gorgeous Latina, societal standards be damned.

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