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    17 Facts About “The Blair Witch Project” That Will Blow Your Mind

    Safe word: "taco."

    1. Some people were convinced that Heather Donahue was actually dead and sent her mother sympathy cards.

    2. The film only had an initial $20-25K budget to shoot.

    3. The entire film was shot in eight days but took eight months to edit.

    4. The "script" was 35 pages long and contained no dialogue.

    5. Part of the reason why the actors believed the Blair Witch legend during filming was due to a Burkittsville local sharing her made-up account of the witch.

    6. The directors purposefully gave the actors less and less food each day in order to promote conflict. The last two days each consisted of a Power Bar, fruit, and water.

    7. Josh's disappearance in the film was welcomed by actor Joshua Leonard, since there was a Jane's Addiction concert he wanted to go see.

    8. The actors agreed to stay in character throughout filming, but if they needed a break, they collectively had to speak the safety word "taco."

    9. The name "Blair" came from co-director Eduardo Sanchez's older sister's time at Blair High School.

    10. The well-known scene with Heather's zoomed-in face was not planned! She didn't realize the camera was that zoomed in.

    11. Production had to get (very expensive) rights for Heather quoting the Gilligan's Island theme song around the campfire.

    12. Due to the film's popularity, the Burkittsville sign has been stolen multiple times.

    13. Due to the shaky camera movements in the film, some people got sick in the theaters.

    14. Heather and Josh were originally supposed to have a romantic relationship.

    15. The bundle of tied sticks consists of actual human teeth and Josh Leonard's hair.

    16. Most of the film was improvised, with the directors only keeping track using GPS and leaving little notes.

    17. And finally, the camera that Josh uses in the film ended up selling for $10,000 on eBay after the film wrapped.