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    Updated on Dec 15, 2018. Posted on Sep 14, 2016

    22 Times April Ludgate From “Parks and Rec” Was Relatable AF

    "I'm the moon, or I quit."

    1. When she made the most reasonable house rules:

    2. When she wasn't afraid to call Chris out:

    3. When she knew how to have a ~real~ bachelorette party:

    4. When she said what everyone was thinking:

    5. When she really gave the idea of camping a chance:

    6. When she had a much more important plan ready:

    7. When she spoke the fucking truth about wine:

    8. When she rightfully tried to avoid being a complete adult:

    9. When she put your life passion to shame:

    10. When she was proud of her husband:

    11. When she confirmed our long standing suspicions:

    12. When she worked smarter not harder:


    13. When she was true to herself:

    14. When she gave the best advice:

    15. When she kicked ass at getting money from people:

    16. When she adulted better than any of us:

    17. When she was the best and worst assistant Ron ever had:

    18. When she refused to settle:

    19. When she got shit done:

    20. When she got to the heart of the matter:

    21. When she brought the best alter ego to life:

    22. And finally, when she dropped this truth bomb.

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