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18 Times Walter Mercado Ruined Your Life

*Walter Mercado comes on* "CALLATE!"

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1. When he made you single:

2. When he was the reason you couldn't go to the mall with your friends:

3. When he unwittingly made you the center of attention:

el Nuevo Herald / Via

4. When he put you at odds with science:

5. When he gave your mom an excuse to call even more:

6. When he basically insulted you:

7. When he made you max out your credit card buying new clothes:

8. When he turned you into a human parrot:

9. When he basically put Geminis under house arrest:

Univision / Via

10. When he was the reason you spent hours learning about earthquake preparedness:

11. When he gave unreasonable love life advice:

12. When he ruined your Saturday mornings:

Univision / Via

13. When he un-did your Tinder match:

14. When he advised a vacation even though you've got a staycation budget:

15. When he had an unexpected body double:

16. When he controlled every aspect of your wardrobe:

17. When he was the reason you almost got fired:

18. But in the end, he gave you some of your best childhood memories:

el Nuevo Herald / Via

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