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An Artist Illustrated What Disney Characters Would Look Like In "Real Life" And It's Stunning

"Is this real life?" - a wise man

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We're all familiar with people envisioning Disney Princesses and Princes into something new, whether it's as teenagers or who would play them in a live-action movie.

Jirka Väätäinen has taken it to a whole new level with his illustrations of what he believes certain Disney characters would look like if they existed in the real world with us.

And more, including: Hercules & Megara, Esmeralda, Prince Phillip & Princess Aurora, Tinkerbell & Wendy, and Alice.

Jirka Väätäinen has made illustrations that leave us wishing pictures could come alive. Sadly, life is not a Disney movie and the only way to be remotely okay with that seems to be by checking out his work below.

Envisioning Disney Girls in "Real Life" and Envisioning Disney Guys in "Real Life"

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