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24 Struggles Every Mexican Kid Has Faced

"¿Ya saludastes?"

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1. "Vas a ver" never meant you were going to see anything pleasant.

2. You made your peace with death every time you entered the pit after la piñata broke.

3. You always had .02 seconds after walking into a party before being asked "¿Ya saludastes?"

4. Never getting McDonald's porque hay comida en la casa.

5. Learning that "mañana" actually means never.

6. Learning how to pronounce things in spanish.

7. Having to fake remember your tia that you apparently met when you were a baby.

8. Being told you got sick because your hair was wet.

9. Never getting cold medicine because you had caldo de pollo y vaporuu.

10. Having to sit there quietly while your mom caught up with the lady in the mercado porque si no, vas a ver.

11. Learning quickly that you weren't allowed to be bored.

12. You always got first taste of your birthday cake, whether you wanted to or not.

13. Trying to explain that not everything is a nintendo.

14. Holding in tears when the paletero didn't hear you.

15. Realizing that you can never escape the chancla.

16. Learning that interrupting your mom's novela was a death wish.

17. Being told que "no pica" and having to hold back tears.

18. These were always filled with lies.

19. Never being able to watch movies in theaters because your parents knew a guy.

20. Being told que ni tocastes la comida even though your mom gave you the extra scoop of frijoles after you said no.

21. Hearing this at 8 AM on Saturday and knowing your morning was planned for you. / Via

22. Being given a threat in the form of a question.

23. When you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

#GrowingUpHispanic Parents talking on the phone with family member & they say "Aqui esta deja te lo paso" Me:

24. Having your mother ruin your favorite cereal porque ya casi se iba a acabar anyway.

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