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23 Times Tumblr Perfectly Explained Your Love For Dogs

"Are you a dog? No? Go away."

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1. When nothing more needed to be said.

2. When it changed the lyrics to "Get Lucky" and made it more relevant.

3. When it accurately depicted the pressure of meeting someone new.

4. And explained what goes on in every dog lover's head.


5. When it laid out the cold, hard truth.

6. When it made a necessary illustration to explain why we can't work out at home.

7. When we wished this was a thing that happened.

8. When it pointed out this fact that everyone should remember.


9. When it said what we were all thinking.

10. When it dished out this very necessary reminder.

11. When it understood how overwhelming meeting a small dog can be.

12. And explained how you wish you could apologize to dogs from your past.


13. When it showed the symbiotic relationship between man and dog.

14. When it explained this life truth.

15. When Tumblr somehow knew your daily goodbye ritual.

16. And when it knew your plans for the future.


17. When it reminded us of the good things in life.

18. When it gave us a glimpse into what heaven probably looks like.

19. When we wished we all had a person like this in our lives.

20. When it depicted how you feel on some days.


21. When it expressed this very accurate and relatable sentiment.

22. When it showed what is essentially tattooed on the heart of every dog lover.

23. And finally, when it reminded us to be like this puppy and keep moving forward.

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