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19 '90s Life Hacks That Are Totally Useless Today

"You have a collect call from [ma-practiceisovercomepickmeup], will you accept the charges?"

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1. For when you wanted to ensure your future Beanie Baby fortune was safe:

2. And when you desperately needed to save your precious game cartridges:

3. When you were struggling while surfing the web:

4. And when all you wanted was the absolute BEST possible life for your Sim:

5. When you were stranded after school but were short on change:

6. When you decided it was time to upgrade from a fold-out map:

7. For those of us who didn't have a VCR with built-in 60-second rewind:

8. When you needed to make sure you had a way to take photos no matter where you were:

9. This genius way to save money and still get drunk at the airport that you couldn't get away with today:

10. This hack for stealing your beloved Tamagotchi child back from its home planet:

11. For when you needed to sneakily talk to your middle school significant other:

12. When you needed to breathe life into your dead Slinky:

13. How to professionally handle Pogs:

14. For when you needed to be a goddamn hero at your weekly game night:

15. When you wanted to be frugal when it came to digital storage space:

16. And when you wanted to make sure your most precious files were as safe as possible:

17. This rental hack that probably would've lowered your anxiety years ago:

18. When you wanted to make some 🔥 mix CDs but were also impatient as heck:

19. And, of course, how to make sure you could "communicate more efficiently" with people at all hours of the day:

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