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17 Tweets That Are Too True For "Property Brothers" Fans

"In Hell, the Property Brothers aren't able to give your house an open concept."

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1. 89% of the homeowners don't seem to understand that reno comes with demo.

This woman on property brothers bought a house, and signed on large-scale renovations, and is PANICKING that the house is getting torn up

2. Property Brothers > parties.

Everyone's out partying so I'm down in the basement, by myself, watching Property Brothers, all while eating a breakfast burrito. #blessed

3. Everything else can wait, especially if it's subway tile.

However, I love the tile in this bathroom on Property Brothers so I gotta wait until it's over.

4. Your pets will learn to love them too.

My sister about her puppy- "he likes to watch property brothers and law and order"

5. You'll never be able to understand what people are thinking when they sign up to be on a show about renovating fixer uppers.

It bothers me how the people that do the opening interview for Property Brothers are always like "I don't wanna deal with renovations" 😐

6. You're willing to lose important relationships over Property Brothers conflicts.


7. Sometimes you watch for too long and start to see similarities from elsewhere.

The guy from Property Brothers who does the construction looks like Flynn Ryder from Tangled

(His name is Jonathan Scott and yeah...he kind of does, doesn't he?)

8. "Elsewhere" meaning everywhere.

How the Property Brothers are dopplegängers for Tulio and Miguel in The Road to El Dorado.

9. Really, though, everywhere.

if you like Property Brothers, then you'll love this one scene in Demolition

10. You've wondered why you and your siblings aren't that magically talented.

I love property brothers but wow what a strange yet creative & cohesive set of twins

11. You've accepted that this is your life now.

since when did my thing become watching property brothers & playing solitaire before bed? i am 80 years old

12. We've come to accept that "open concept" is the be-all and end-all.

In Hell, the Property Brothers aren't able to give your house an open concept.

13. You know that shiplap is a treasure and it cannot be wasted.

In this ep of property brothers there is shiplap under the walls and thEY'RE JUST THROWING IT AWAY

14. The comparison between your life and the Property Brothers' life is just cruel sometimes.

Netflix finally got Property Brothers at Home. I am listening to @MrDrewScott complain about the garage as my toddler ruins the family room

15. Eventually, you figure that all of the Property Brothers you've watched has to translate into some sort of actual knowledge.

I've been watching Property Brothers and Love It or List It Too for like 3 days straight. I'm basically a realtor and interior designer now

16. It can be a harsh reality check watching people drop so much money while most of us have to debate over $5 shipping.

watching property brothers and crying because people are casually looking to buy 800k homes 😭

17. Realizing that this will probably be every one of our future kids.

My 4 year old daughter is trying to make a floor plan for our new house being built. Too much @PropertyBrother w/Mom

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