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17 Harmless Horror Film Ideas That Need To Become A Reality

Via the #MakeAHorrorMovieHarmless hashtag on Twitter.

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1. This Sesame Street crossover that would be both confusing and perfect.

A Nightmare on Elmo's Street #MakeAHorrorMovieHarmless

2. This documentary about airplane food that would be TRULY terrifying.

Steaks on a Plane #MakeAHorrorMovieHarmless


3. This mockumentary following an average teenager's life.

#MakeAHorrorMovieHarmless I know what you did last summer because you wouldn't stop posting it on Instagram

4. A movie about a girl named Friday, who happens to be going through puberty.

Friday the 13 Going On 30 #MakeAHorrorMovieHarmless


5. This film that would literally just be a camera trying to catch ghosts, but nothing actually happens the entire time.

PerfectlyNormal Activity #MakeAHorrorMovieHarmless

6. This one, that'd be somehow inspired by a Home Depot weekly ad.

Texas Chainsaw Sale at Home Depot #MakeAHorrorMovieHarmless


7. This "How I Met Your Mother" movie gone terribly right.

I Am Legend...wait for it...dary #MakeAHorrorMovieHarmless

8. This mockumentary about life with cats.

Paws #MakeAHorrorMovieHarmless @Schmovie


9. This movie depicting Josh Nichols from Drake and Josh's obsession with Oprah.

Phantom of the Oprah #MakeAHorrorMovieHarmless

10. This Homeowner Association newsletter headline.

The Last House on the Left Needs a Paint Job #MakeAHorrorMovieHarmless


11. This documentary about unhealthy youths.

Children of the Caramel Corn #MakeAHorrorMovieHarmless

12. This MTV The Hills reunion special suggestion.

The Hills Have Mega Feels #MakeAHorrorMovieHarmless


13. This one about Halloween crafts for kids.

The Blair Witch Arts And Crafts Project #MakeAHorrorMovieHarmless

14. This "Clockwork Orange" parody.

A Clockwork Orangutan #MakeAHorrorMovieHarmless @Schmovie


15. This name for a bakery in the mountains.

The Hills Have Pies #MakeAHorrorMovieHarmless

16. This baby shower invitation title for Rosemary and her child.

Rosemary's Food Baby #MakeAHorrorMovieHarmless @midnight #PointsMe

17. And this "Magic Mike" remake.

Jack The Stripper #MakeAHorrorMovieHarmless

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