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    16 Times Anna Kendrick And Aubrey Plaza Had The Best Friendship


    1. When they understood the urgency of needing your BFF immediately.

    “@AnnaKendrick47: Jesus I say I'll be there in a hour and you start having a public meltdown."HURRY #ipadunderwear

    2. When this glorious interaction happened.

    @evilhag stop attention whoring. I'm coming to fight you soon.

    “@AnnaKendrick47: @evilhag stop attention whoring. I'm coming to fight you soon.”I WILL KICK YOUR ASSNAME A TIME N PLACE. WILL BRING SODA.

    @evilhag I'll bring string cheese and stuff but I swear to god you have to give me gas money this time.

    @evilhag love it when you call me baby. love it when you rock a red nose and wig.


    1. buy sexy clown costume 2. DRINK SODAAAA 3. kick @AnnaKendrick47 asssss 4. give her gas $$ #TheToDoList

    3. When Anna let us in on this secret.

    She acts all mean and detached but she's a fucking rainbow-colored softie at heart. #CameosAreFun @evilhag

    4. When they publicly cherished each other through a serenade on Twitter.

    @evilhag allllllllllllllll my life, I prayed for someone like you. And IIIIIIIIIIIIII thank God that I, that I finally found you

    5. When they weren't afraid to continue the PDA on Twitter.

    “@AnnaKendrick47: @evilhag Come my lady, come, come my lady. Be my butterfly, sugar, baby.” WHERE AREYOU. I NEED YOU NOW. NOW. NOW.

    6. When they decided to make a spontaneous trip to Mexico and this happened.

    7. And this.

    @evilhag whatever, I'm gonna live to 150 now

    8. Oh, and this.

    9. When their beauty shined through the blur in this photo.

    10. When they supported each other like no significant other ever could.

    “@nbcsnl news: @AnnaKendrick47 will host our April 5th show with musical guest, @Pharrell!! #SNL #CantFrigginWait” MAH BABY GIRLLLL

    11. When Aubrey wasn't afraid to tell Anna that she wanted her attention.

    @AnnaKendrick47 if you don't text me back SOON I will keep doing things like this until you pay attention to me

    Hmm, hopefully when I'm 70, Anna Kendrick and I will have our multicam sitcom, exactly like The Golden Girls. We'll just be two fast-talking sexual ladies hitting on younger guys.

    13. When Rolling Stone announced that Aubrey Plaza would be voicing Grumpy Cat in the 2014 Christmas movie.

    “@AnnaKendrick47: @RollingStone Shut the fucking fuck up. I've never felt professional jealously like this.” I ONLY DID TO GET UR ATTENTION

    14. When Aubrey knew it was important to reward Anna's healthy eating progress.

    “@AnnaKendrick47: .@evilhag teaching me to be an adult. So far I don't care for it. ” good girl! for dinner, tequila!

    15. When they let us know that Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (set to release in 2016) was pointless because they were going to shoot a better movie.

    Title change: ALICE & TATIANA WILL FUCK UP YOUR WEDDING Get ready boys @ZacEfron @ADAMDEVINE

    16. When Anna showed she truly understood what Aubrey needed for her birthday, like the true friend she is.

    early bday gift from @AnnaKendrick47 she's the only one who truly understands me...

    "Skank. -Anna"