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14 Times Tumblr Was A Little Too Accurate About The Hogwarts Houses

Even the Sorting Hat didn't get this in depth.

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1. When it came to shopping:

2. When Tumblr combined killing and cinnamon rolls:

3. When a non-Gryffindor didn't care for year two:

4. When someone who woke up in the middle of the night had Harry Potter on their mind:


5. When Tumblr tried to figure out each house's fighting style.

6. When the Harry Potter fandom applied the houses to everything possible, even bread:

7. When this beautiful idea came to mind:

8. When they decided Hufflepuffs had their priorities sorted:


9. When they imagined Hogwarts in the 21st century:

10. When they realized that even magical exams are still exams:

11. When they pointed out that the post-exams feeling applies to magical and non-magical folk:

12. When they pointed out what every non-Gryffindor was thinking:

13. When Americans just wanted to have their own versions of houses, so Old Spice delivered:

14. When "Alohomora" was no longer an option:

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