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    • sandrah432c6cb3a

      Most successful people are ridiculed and hated by the public and sabotaged by the media I applaud anyone who dares to be different and could care less what others think of them.In years of observances of caring people they all end up dying from illnesses and depression when the fame and glory wears off like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston,or driven to insanity like Britney Spears and Chaz Bono Kanye got to the top by climbing self reliable and not by the conscent of others LL cool J 50 cents and a few more people did the same once they start being people pleasers they began to look like clowns and people lose interest at the sight of them like little Kim ,Little Wayne , Nikki Minaj,and Michael Jackson got my eyes on a few more But Kanye just keep doing you!!! There is no better freedom than being yourself!

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