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    The 21 Things Everyone Wants To Know When You Go To Antarctica

    Is there anything to see besides snow? How cold is it? Isn't it really expensive?

    1. People go to Antarctica, like, on vacation?

    2. Is there anything there besides snow?

    That said...

    3. How do you get there?

    4. Where do boats leave from?

    5. How long do cruises last?

    6. Isn't it really expensive?

    7. What time of year should you go?

    8. Is it dangerous?

    9. What should you pack?

    10. Is Antarctica a country? Who owns it?

    11. Does anyone live in Antarctica?

    12. Where do the cruise ships land?

    13. So you can't actually sleep on the continent?

    14. Did you see penguins?

    Among the species that live along the peninsula are Adélies...


    And gentoos.

    15. Are penguins afraid of people?

    16. Did you see whales?

    17. Did you see seals?

    18. Did you see the southern lights?

    19. What sorts of things did you do?

    20. What else did you see?

    21. Was it worth it?