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    Our 9 Favorite Feature Stories This Week: The Question Of Guilt, And A Pop Princess' Next Chapter

    This week for BuzzReads, Victoria Beale reports on two children who conspired to kill — and asks whether their punishments were fair. Read that and these other great stories from BuzzFeed and the web.

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    1. Should Two Children Be Imprisoned For Plotting To Kill Their Classmates? — BuzzFeed

    Illustration by Adam Setala for BuzzFeed

    In Washington state, a 10- and 11-year-old were sentenced to years in a detention facility after being caught with weapons and claiming they were going to murder other kids at their school. Where is the line between a childish game and a real threat? Read it at BuzzFeed.

    2. Richard LaFuente Is Finally Free!Texas Monthly

    Photograph by Alyssa Banta

    Michael Hall first met Richard LaFuente in 2006, when he was twenty years into a sentence for a murder he did not commit. After nearly three decades of refusing to feign remorse before parole boards, he has finally left prison. Here's why it took so long. Read it at Texas Monthly.

    3. While the World WatchedESPN

    Photograph by Imago / Actionplus / Via

    Wright Thompson reports from Argentina, which hosted the 1978 World Cup, even as the regime imprisoned, tortured, and murdered tens of thousands of its own citizens. As another Cup begins, memories return. Read it at ESPN.

    4. On the Edge of Civil War in Ukraine — BuzzFeed

    Baz Ratner / Reuters

    In the eastern city of Donetsk, friends and neighbors have transformed into enemies, and people on both sides of the conflict worry that there’s no way out from a slide to civil war. Mike Giglio reports. Read it at BuzzFeed.

    5. Quack Quack Quack: An Oral History of the Mighty Ducks TrilogyTime

    Jordan Kerner

    "Like the fictional team, The Mighty Ducks film franchise was always an underdog, one that forced its way to three movies and a fiercely devoted following through dedication, passion and, as often as not, good fortune. Few would declare it the greatest trilogy in movie history. Many more would call it their favorite." Read it at Time.

    6. Why Nicholas Sparks Matters Now — BuzzFeed

    The Notebook and the other movies based on his books are all variations on the same theme. But, Anne Helen Petersen writes, the reason you can’t stop watching them is more complex than you think. Read it at BuzzFeed.

    7. Miss American DreamMatter

    Illustration by Geoff J. Kim for Matter

    Taffy Brodesser-Akner heads to Vegas and explains how Britney Spears has become a feminist idol. No, really. Read it at Matter.

    8. Sitting is Bad for You. So I Stopped. For a Whole Month.New York

    Photo by Chris Buck for New York Magazine

    A witty essay by Dan Kois about a month he spent on foot: "If you sit down more than 11 hours a day, one study suggests, you’re 40 percent more likely to die in the next three years than I am." Read it at New York.

    9. A Party At The Last Magazine: An Exclusive Excerpt From Michael Hastings’ New Novel — BuzzFeed


    Next week marks the publication of The Last Magazine, the late BuzzFeed reporter’s first novel — as well as the first anniversary of his death. We’re celebrating his work and his life with these chapters, chronicling a book party that totally in no way took place in the offices of Newsweek. Read it at BuzzFeed.

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