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Our 9 Favorite Feature Stories This Week: A Boxer Who Fought Racism And Comedy Duos

This week for BuzzReads, Steve Knopper tells the forgotten story of a New Orleans boxer who fought for civil rights. Read that and these other stories from around BuzzFeed and the web.

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1. Joe Dorsey’s Big Fight: How An Unknown Boxer Knocked Out Segregation In Louisiana — BuzzFeed

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In 1955, an African-American boxer in New Orleans named Joe Dorsey sued the state of Louisiana for the right to fight against white opponents. What started out as a chance to advance his career wound up changing sports and culture in the state forever. Read it at BuzzFeed.


4. The Gonzo OptionNational Journal

Photograph by Jason Lindsey for the National Journal

Marin Cogan profiles former Montana governor and 2016 Democratic hopeful Brian Schweitzer. "Now here comes a cowboy-politician who has wildly heterodox policy positions — hard-left on some issues, to the right on others — and a wild personality to match." Read it at the National Journal.

5. The Spirit and the LawAmerican Prospect

Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux discusses the Becket Fund, which has backed Christian-owned Hobby Lobby as it seeks to be exempt from covering its employees' birth control. "A ruling in Hobby Lobby’s favor would give believers wide latitude. Religious scruples could be invoked to duck all manner of laws — even anti-discrimination statutes." Read it at the American Prospect.

7. Yes We CodeMother Jones

Tasneem Raja asserts that coding is arguably as important as literacy in today's world, a reality for which America is not well prepared: "even as the Department of Labor predicts the nation will add 1.2 million new computer-science-related jobs by 2022, we're graduating proportionately fewer computer science majors than we did in the 1980s, and the number of students signing up for Advanced Placement computer science has flatlined." Read it at Mother Jones.

8. The Blockbuster Bromance that Is Taking Over Hollywood — BuzzFeed

Macey Foronda / BuzzFeed

With movies like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, The LEGO Movie, 21 Jump Street and its self-aware sequel, directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have charted the most creative and unlikely career path in Hollywood. As Adam B. Vary writes, it's all because they have each other. Read it at BuzzFeed.