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25 Places In New Zealand That Do Not Care If You Travel There

Oh, that gorgeous island nation in the South Pacific? It'll be just fine without you.

1. The North Island's aptly named Ninety Mile Beach does not care if you don't visit it.

Flickr: 67446207@N06 / Creative Commons

(Okay, it's actually 55 miles long.)

2. The Bay of Plenty is plenty fine as is, thank you.

Flickr: flissphil / Creative Commons

3. The bustling metropolis of Auckland wasn't excited to show you a great time.

Flickr: sel / Creative Commons

4. Hobbiton aka THE SHIRE doesn't require you, thanks.

Flickr: blueskysunhigh / Creative Commons

5. The Waitomo Glow Worm Cave doesn't care if you come. You've probably seen something like it before, anyway.

6. The volcanically active town of Rotorua will not miss you.

Flickr: gouldy / Creative Commons

7. Tongariro National Park isn't disappointed you're not coming.

Flickr: jeffpang / Creative Commons

Even if it prepared this rainbow just for you.

Flickr: chrisschoenbohm / Creative Commons

8. Wellington, a creative capital teeming with things to do, doesn't need you to do the things.

Flickr: masivaan / Creative Commons

9. The dreamy Marlborough Sounds? Gateway to the Marlborough vineyards?

Flickr: flissphil / Creative Commons

Oh they don't mind if you don't come wine tasting.

Flickr: nortonp / Creative Commons

10. Abel Tasman National Park's white sand beaches' feelings aren't hurt.

Flickr: intrapares / Creative Commons


Flickr: timhanssen / Creative Commons

11. The gorgeous coast of Kaikoura will manage.

Flickr: smileham / Creative Commons

As will this whale that lives there.

Flickr: electropod / Creative Commons

And these dolphins.

Flickr: jameslaing / Creative Commons

Even though this one that spent a lot of time perfecting this trick NBD.

Flickr: hockadilly / Creative Commons

12. The drive to pleasant Akaroa near Christchurch will remain pleasant you or no you.

Flickr: purecaffeine / Creative Commons

13. The surreally beautiful Moeraki boulders on the Otago coast will remain surreally beautiful.

Flickr: pelegrino / Creative Commons

14. Same goes for the "pancake rocks" of Paparoa National Park, on the remote West Coast.

Flickr: wasmachtflo / Creative Commons

Nature's only been creating them for 30 million years.

15. The windswept Catlin Coast, on the very southern tip of the South Island, will remain windswept, breathtaking, potentially life changing without you.

Flickr: pie4dan / Creative Commons

16. And the desolate MacKenzie Valley obviously prefers solitude.

Flickr: stuckincustoms / Creative Commons

17. The Routeburn Track doesn't care if you don't come hike it.

Flickr: jeickmeier / Creative Commons

Looks like a rotten time.

18. Same goes for the Kepler.

Flickr: pie4dan / Creative Commons

These Keas — mountain parrots — aren't waiting for you there.

Flickr: spencer_stoner / Creative Commons

I'm sure there are mountain parrots all over the place wherever you are.

19. Queenstown doesn't want you to come adventuring there.

Flickr: blazey / Creative Commons

What, gondola rides, jet boats, bungee jumping, skydiving, skiing — you're not into any of those right?

20. Mt. Cook, the tallest peak in the country, does not care if you don't come admire its glory.

Flickr: wasabicube / Creative Commons

21. Nor turquoise Lake Pukaki by its side.

Flickr: nzrico / Creative Commons

22. Try and find a single Southern Alp that gives a hoot.

Flickr: timmythesuk / Creative Commons

23. Or a single glacier. Fox glacier?

Flickr: anthonycramp / Creative Commons

24. Franz Joseph glacier? Neither care. That's the answer.

Flickr: jp_math54 / Creative Commons

25. The Milford Sound — the South Island fjord called the eighth wonder of the world by Rudyard Kipling — is wholly indifferent to the notion of you visiting it.

Flickr: clicko / Creative Commons

It's not blushing at the mere thought of you.

Flickr: stuckincustoms / Creative Commons

And these sheep — all the happy sheep — couldn't care less.

Flickr: chris_gin / Creative Commons

This little guy, though...

Flickr: 17251154@N00 / Creative Commons

The question isn't whether he'll live without you ...